Zombie Tower 3D


Zombie Tower 3D is a semi cooperation game. But hold that thought when you see the word "cooperation". 

Like always, players have to help each other to escape from zombie infested tower, and a true winner will be determined by the number of survivors saved and missions completed. 

However, the game uses a revolutionary 3D board, so you will be only able to see your play space. Unlike traditional co-op board games, no one will be able to dominating the game, telling everyone what to do, and everyone will have a chance to fully participate in the game and have fun.

During the game, you will have to actively communicate with each other to call for help or offer rescue by passing items through the small slits on the walls. But how do you know if your teammates really need help... or are they just trying to steal items from you...?


Complete assembly of the 3D tower for 3 players 

Complete assembly of the Tower, 3 player mode

Complete assembly of the Tower, 4 player mode


*All images are taken from the current Japanese Version of the game. 

Big changes will be included with our Kickstarter Campaign! Stay tuned!




How to Play

After setting up, you will have a  First Encounter with the zombies, all players draw 3 Emergence Cards and place 1 (easy mode), 3 (normal mode), or 6 (hard mode) zombies in the rooms specified.

Following that, each round will consist of 4 phases

  • Emergence Phase - Determine where the zombies and survivors appear using the Emergence Cards
  • Action Phase - Each player will have up to 3AP to spend on actions
  • Zombie Phase - Zombies will move and attack players and survivors
  • End of Round Phase - Card effects are accounted for, and the Starting Player Marker is passed to the next player. 

How to Escape

When either one of the following conditions are completely met, you have successfully escaped!

Secret Passage

  • Everyone has a Vaccine
  • Someone has both a Communication Device and a Battery
  • Everyone ends the round in room 10

Through the communication device, a mysterious person informs you that there is a secret passage for escape in Room 10. Grab the vaccines and get out! 

Helicopter Rescue

  • Everyone has a Vaccine
  • The total number of Flares equal to the number of PCs
  • Everyone ends the round in room 2

You hear the sound of a helicopter whirling by, light the flares to let them you're here and take off! 


The True Winner

After Escaping, each saved survivor counts as 1 VP, completed minor objectives will give you 1 - 2 VP, and the player with the highest VP will be the true winner!